Future Liga is a quality project,
says manager of FC Slovan Liberec, Jiří Liška

In the week before spring start for FC Slovan Liberec in
Future Liga, the team manager Jiří Liška gives an interview
related to Future Liga project to a Slovan Liberec club
website. We bring you here a simple translation, where
original can be found under following link:

Liberec is participating in an international Future Liga
in the second season now, how do you evaluate
this project?
On behalf of our club Slovan Liberec I can say that
we really endorse such project. We have the opportunity
to play a set of interesting matches and more of that we
have a great comparison with german football, where
both sides can better see imperfections of young talented
players in international level. Even players say that german football
offers power-force, good-technique and tactic. These experiences are really very valuable.

How did such project originate?
The initial organisers were Dynamo Dresden and FK Teplice, first meeting of clubs was held in Dresden and all invited clubs together with Chemnitzer FC, Hallescher FC, AC Sparta Praha immediately agreed to organise a friendly match format called Future Liga. Series of friendly matches with calculated and illustrative standings. Table with standings is not so important but a platform how to set up a team of players gives the name "Future". First team players with talented youngsters from U21 and U19 or even U17 on one field is the initial idea.

That means that young players receives valuable experiences...
The concept also helps to german clubs who do not have U21 or reserve teams and are searching for regular matches to increase match practise for their full squads. Czech clubs are searching good international opponents to increase quality of young players preparation. These matches helps to both sides.

That means that competition brings advantage for both czech and german clubs...
That was of course the initial idea, I guess that project fullfills all expectations from both sides.

For example in your match agains FK Teplice you play both mostly with U19 players, are there some regulation who can be play in such matches?
It is always upon individual discussion between both opponents prior to their match. Regulation only gives some guidelines how to set up teams but are not so much restrictive, first of all it is still a friendly match. At the moment Slovan Liberec have smaller squad in U21 category and more young players are already in first team, therefore we discussed with Chemnitzer FC to play more with U19 players on both sides. And this is also the advantage of Future Liga project that you can always adjust to your cuurent situation in club and not to be pushed to play an unwanted match.

Sometimes it is really shame that matches with German clubs are played in mid-week and can not attract larger attendances...
The answer is simple, on weekends we all have championship matches. Dynamo Dresden is in second Bundesliga, Chemnitzer FC in third Bundesliga, together with cups and local cups German clubs have really full calendar. The only possibility to play on weekend is only at International break, but for example Third Bundesliga have even no break. It can be true that on weekends more fans would be able to come but it would be really difficult to find such possible weekends in match calendar.

Now here is a chance for a good atmosphere, because in Saturday Liberec plays on the field of Dynamo Dresden...
We hope so. We will play in Weissig, that is a suburb of Dresden and we will travel with stronger team together with first team players. Dynamo Dresden is expected to play with first team players and talented U19 boys. Matches in Dresden have always a very good atmosphere, it is the toughest opponent in Future Liga and a good experience for us.

To play against Second Bundesliga players must a great opportunity for young players of Slovan Liberec and a really high school of football?
Absolutely! The strength of Dynamo Dresden is really growing, in an official match of first teams Liberec lost in summer pre-season 1:3, currently Dynamo is fifth in Second Bundesliga, I had the opportunity to saw two of their matches and they play in a relly impressive tempo and with visible passion. From the first to last minute there is a lot to see on the field.

There is currently one empty place after Hallesher FC departure from project at the beginning of the season, would that be completed in near future?
Two weeks ago we had a club meeting in Prague discussing also this subject. Mainly all current clubs confirmed their interest also for coming season and we are registering some new applicants. On German side it could be FC Energie Cottbus and there is also an interest from Poland, namely KKS Lech Poznan. We should know about that development until 30.6.

According to the interest from high-profile clubs competitions seems to have a future...
We really endorse this idea. We talk about crosswise with other coaches in the clubs and we all are really looking forward to next Future Liga matches. Matches here have definitely higher quality that in czech "Juniorska Liga".